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Friday, February 18, 2005

Pluto welcomes Ishi

No confettis and ballons on my fisrt day in Pluto ( maybe because there is no national bookstore in Pluto)

As we all know, pluto is usually known as the farthest planet in the universe which means I am so far away from my home.

Being away from home means no chopeta for alfech. No bonding moments with friends. No usual tsikahan. No more seatmate James. No more kulit Geof. Sigh.

Honestly, I am scared and I feel something bad might happen if I stay longer in this place. Well, it's really up to HIM and whatever His plans are for me , I leave it up to Him. Amen.

Up to this day, I feel that I do not belong here. Everything is alien to me. The chikahan. The expressions. Their usual jokes. Sigh.

But I am trying my best to blend with the new crowd. I am trying my best to feel comfortable. Hopefully, I will be able to make new friends. I know it won't happen overnight. Still , I'm wishing and hoping that I might be the ambassador of goodwill here. Hopefully, I can change the world. Heal the world. And you know bridge the gap across all planets w/c might be the reason why Alfeche is here!

Still, I'm waiting for my return to Earth. ( Sigh)

In a positive view, it's nice to feel nervous and uncomfortable again. The experience keeps me on my toes. It challenges me. It makes my existence matter.

Now, I should feel blessed. I should be happy.

I am grateful but I do not know yet if I am happy. Maybe I am happy and maybe I just miss my comfort home.

I shall be back. I shall visit Earth soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing Earth again. Meantime this is Alfech here in Pluto signing off.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Reality bites

I will say goodbye to GY shift very soon. How time really flies so fast. Very true that we really don't know what we have until it is gone. But that's the way life has to be I guess. We must embrace it, learn from it and be thankful that we were able to experience it and enjoy it to the fullest.

I never imagined that I myself would miss this most dreaded schedule. Being not a GY shifter is like taking away your peaceful life that most of us don't have during regular shifting hours. During the day we are under the prying eyes of people who are constantly looking more on your mistakes rather on the right things you have accomplished. Sad but true.

I will bid farewell to my comfort zone soon. I hate goodbyes. Even if I have experienced it several times already. I am no expert in handling bye byes. Oh, I feel like crying already. No, I have to face the music. Life has to go on. I have to move forward. Take each new experience as a challenge. I have led my own battles in life. Life may not be as fair as God but with Him I can take anything bravely and calmly. To HIM I safeguard my strength. I can do it. I know I can.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Exotic Fishes found in Phuket after the killer Tsunami

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miguel's past life

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dugong: nakakatakot ako, di ba?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Just wanna know ....

Will love really find me or do i really need to find love? Or is it both meaning you also have to do your part? Watchatink ? =)

30 things about ilfetchyou

1. I am a Libran. Born under the year of horse.
2. I am born on September 25close to St. Michael's feastday ( w/c is September 29 )that is why my name is M I C H E L L E. =)
3. My middle name is OBACH.
4. I am the eldest. My younger brother is still in college.
5. I am from Mindanao but I am a Christian.
6. I was born and raised in Iligan City where Maria Cristina Falls is located.
7. I sing and I dance.
8. my greatest dream when I was a child is to be a dancer..
9. I started living away from home since college and now because of work.
10. I see my family only once a year due to my work.
11. I miss my family a lot.
12. I love taking pictures and collecting them or arranging them in my albums.
13. I am planning to buy myself a digi cam..hopefully.
14. I eat all kinds of leafy vege...
15. I love maltesers and peanut cookies.
16. I love collecting/ keeping all the cards I receive from friends and family.
17. I love to daydream.
18. I believe in miracles. I have a fantastic relationship with my Creator. I communicate with HIM almost every minute.
19. I would love to travel.
20. Never been outside the Philippine archipelago yet.
21. I can't swim.
22. I love pasta and salads.
23. I have a hyperacidic stomach.
24. I enjoy hanging out with friends but I am not a gimikera.
25. I do not drink and smoke.
26. I am currently doing my scrapbook.
27. I am petite.
28. I was with AIG credit card corp before.
29. I want to settle in davao and have my own family.
30. Currently , I love dancing Chopeta! hehehehe

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Buhay talaga.....

Friends, what can you say about the article below...parang natamaan ako nito...

If Platonic Ain’t Cool, Then What Is?
By Amy Craeg

Matagal mo na siyang kilala…siguro mga isang taon na. Lagi mo siyang kasama, magkakabit na nga ang mga bituka niyo, eh. Pareho ang mga trip niyo sa buhay kaya hindi kayo nauubusan ng pag-uusapan o gagawin. You find the same jokes funny. Pag turn-off sa iyo, ganun din sa kanya. Super concerned siya sa iyo, as in, he knows when you are not feeling well and what to do when you’re down. Alam mo kapag bad trip siya. Takbuhan niyo ang isa’t isa kapag may problema. Kapag kayong dalawa ang magkasama, parang may sarili kayong mundo. Kahit tawa lang kayo ng tawa, wala kayong pakialam. Basta ang importante, you have each other’s company. You feel so comfortable that holding hands and hugging seem natural. He makes you feel so special and loved that you suddenly have the urges of kissing him. Help! Help! Help! Pare, hindi puede! Bakit, kayo ba?

Ouch! Bakit ka namumula? What did I say? You look so affected! Wala naman akong ginawa, ‘di ba? I just asked the right question. Well, sorry ka na lang magaling ako! Don’t panic!!! Relax. Take a deep breath and say…banana! One more time now…banana! Concentrate. Focus. Try to look back. Ano ang nakikita mo? Sino ang iniisip mo? SIYA. Syet! You are starting to realize how cool he is. Syeter! You are beginning to miss him. Syetest!!! You are actually in love with him. Banana!!! What ‘dja gonna do, bullet? Duh?! Frankly, my dear, I have no idea. Yes, after making you admit to yourself that you’re in a situation that could change your entire life, I will leave you hanging. Teka, hindi naman ako ganun kasama. Okay, let’s see what we can do.
First, kailangan nating I-establish that your feelings for him go beyond friendship. Now the question is…does he feel the same way? How the hell are you going to find out? Aha! Go to him and ask it right to his face. Do you labs me? Grabe, parang puede. Do you have the guts to do it? Do it, girl! I’m right behind you, theoretically speaking. Eniwey, you still have the option of whether you would like to know or not. Think. Think hard.

Look, ano ba ang nangyayari ngayon? Don’t you feel that, somehow, you are being used for convenience? Imagine – no commitment, no strings attached. Hindi lang iyon. Super malambing siya sa iyo, pero bigla siyang babanat na may crush siyang ibang girl. It hoyts, ‘di ba? And, once in a while, hihirit siya sa iyo na parang nagpapahaging that he likes you, sabay bawi. Kakainis! What’s worse is that since you feel something deeper for him, sometimes you tend to read too much sa mga ipinapakita niyang affection sa iyo. Thus, you kinda think na “meron” din siya. Then you’ll end up frustrated but you can’t do anything about it. Damn, it sucks!!!
Kaya, the best thing to do is to set things straight. End your miseries and be merry. It would be better na alamin niyo kung ano ba talaga para you wouldn’t miss this opportunity and be doomed to live the rest of your life wondering what if , just what if… Who knows, it might be you and him together forever. Kay saya! How ispektakolar!

So, if platonic ain’t cool, then what is? Well, what do you think?

Monday, January 10, 2005

My first week...

My first week in GY shift will soon end yipee!!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Quote for the day :
Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves...Do not now seek the answers which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them and the point is to live everything. Live the questions now... - Rainer Maria Rilke ( * saw this on your blog full of hope...)